Do you have enough peace in your life? If not, you're going to want to read this...

Sep 11, 2023

Over the past three weeks my husband Devon and I have been renovating our home, essentially turning the home he's lived in solo for almost two decades. We were all set for the builders to arrive and on day one they told us we'd have to move out. So we did.

The best option close enough was an 'extended stay' which was a little like staying in the 1990's. But it was good for us, great for us actually. We both got sick, but somehow managed to tag team when one was weak and the other was strong.

That's my hope for Bloom actually, that we build a community of women that is so supportive that we come through for each other when one of us is needing support. 

The five career freedoms

In Bloom, I talk about the five career freedoms. Lately we've covered a lot of the first three: pay, progression, promotion. But now I want to spend a little time on number four; peace.

What do I mean by peace...?

I mean just that. Peace. Building a career that feels sublime, where your peace is front and centre. Why? 

Because we have to change and work sustainably.

  • 50% of us at least are burnt out and suffer from productivity paranoia - we literally don't stop.
  • 40% of us looking for a new role and citing burnout as the reason. 

So essentially, a lot of us are working too hard in ways that we find draining, and not enough on things we find energising. 

Finding peace in your career means finding a sustainable way of living and working. One where you have the toolkit you need in order to thrive. That means... 

  1. You have a job that lights you up and pays you what you are truly worth. 
  2. You have empowered yourself in that job to have boundaries and lead the more challenging situations.
  3. You have a work and life flow that means that you get to bring yourself fully to all your roles. 
  4. You have a wellness toolkit that means that in busier times, you know exactly how to reground yourself.  

Okay, you're thinking, I'm sold RPB, I want peace.

Then if you’re up for it, I’d like to work with you over the next few months and be your guide as you envision, bring-to-life, and step into a career that accomplishes 5 major goals.

1. Has you operating in your zone of genius.

2. Has you showing up and communicating confidently and authentically.

3. Has you continuously stepping into your new potential and getting paid what you’re worth

4. Gives you the balance that’s best for you and your people.

5. Allows you to  be an inspiration to other women in every area of your life. 

And remember, if you see someone who is looking like they’ve quietly quit, ask how they are doing. We need each other. 

Rooting for you always. 

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