Empower your company with a programme that unleashes confident, authentic feminine leadership energy in leaders and teams

Bloom is first and foremost a leadership methodology and a movement that takes women on a journey to lead with confidence, authenticity and a clear sense of purpose.

But this isn't just about women, Bloom also creates powerful workshops for mixed teams.

Supporting the women in your company to develop benefits your whole company, and our culture work can unite the entire team. 

Your team in Bloom 

Unlock the full potential of the women in your workplace by allowing them to reclaim their confidence and powerfully step into their leadership capabilities

Attract and retain top talent by creating an empowering culture where women can thrive
Improve productivity and engagement by supporting work-life blend and reducing burnout
Increase diversity at the leadership level and invite fresh thinking to drive innovation
Create an environment where folks are truly invested in one another's success 

There are three ways to work with Bloom

For some, we can deliver our signature programme as seen. For others that will involve getting to know the team first. For others, we also offer coaching to keep bringing this work to life.


A series of meetings 1:1 to understand how the team is working right now and the best interventions we can make to create the best possible structure and approach.


Our signature program is our two day leadership accelerator, which can be broken up into sections. We also offer culture sessions to support establishing the right team behaviours together.


Working with your team 1:1 to understand how the team is working right now and the best interventions we can make to create the best possible structure and approach.

Hear from some of our clients

Nura, Rise by Barclays

“Bloom created a session for the Rise, by Barclays community on the topic of avoiding burnout and working sustainability. This was a superbly ran session: with a contagiously positive energy, providing guided tips and resources. I highly recommend Bloom to anyone interested in transforming their relationship to work.”

Maura, Harvey Nash 

“Thank you for delivering this insightful and humble training to our business. Ruth absolutely rocked our session with her awesome energy and empathy. I haven’t seen such a participative session in a very long time - which is not an easy task especially virtually.”

Martin, Codebase

“Bloom talks leaders at startups as well as those at established companies with equal impact and credibility. They share insight and practical advice for delivering cultural change in demanding situations with extraordinary energy and enthusiasm. We received positive feedback from all participants.”

Our signature Bloom Method

Empowered authenticity

We start with looking at who we are, what we value and igniting self belief in exactly who that is. Then look at how we be that at work.

Output: A human that is empowered to be authentic work.

Empowered communications

We create a powerful learning environment to learn about strategic relationship building and empowered conversations.

Output: A human that knows how to have empowered conversations.

Empowered boundaries

We look at boundaries, at how to prioritise high impact/high reward work, plus learning how to say no with grace.

Output: A human that knows how to say no, and have boundaries.

Empowered future and beyond

If you don’t shape your own career, someone else will do it for you. We build a career strategy and a clear next steps for each person.

Output: A human who is operating in their zone of genius

Bring the transformational power of Bloom to your company today

Schedule a conversation with our team to explore how Bloom can unlock the potential of the women in your company, retain top talent, and position you as an employer of choice - not just for women.

Our customise-able methodology delivers rapid, measurable results. 

The human beings in your company are the key to your success. Create an environment where they can win, and watch your business flourish.

Is it your  time to Bloom?

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