Heart-centred women in HR, this is for you!

How to use the BLOOM method to stop feeling like an imposter, skyrocket your salary and manifest your dream career in 2024



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In this free masterclass you will learn

The step-by-step game plan for overcoming imposter syndrome and claiming the career you really want

The 3 "sacred foundations" that make up a truly thriving career (most women usually only claim 1 of the 3)

The 4 minute exercise that will reveal where most of your unhappiness in your career is hiding

How women just like you are using Bloom to attract their dream-roles in as little as 4 weeks

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Meet your host

Ruth Penfold-Brown went from struggling in the world of recruitment to being a Chief People Officer for companies like Onfido, Shazam and bp Launchpad.

She has coached women and leaders in HR on an array of topics from confident communication, to setting boundaries, to making bold career moves for almost a decade.

In this free masterclass she will peel back the curtain on the Bloom method, which was responsible for her meteoric career success.

This masterclass is for any woman in HR who struggles to communicate confidently, finds it impossible to have boundaries and lacks the confidence to either make bold career moves or simply to boldly claim the role you are in.

It is your time to Bloom. 

Watch the free masterclass here